Monday, December 26, 2005

Another Thing to Do

Another thing I have to do is to return to New Orleans to get my financial affairs in order. I will use that time to settle my unemployment claim with the Louisiana Department of Labor and to turn in my keys to New Orleans Public Library. It has been months since I have worked. I miss the routine and the expectation of some different happening each day. I miss my students and my friends dearly. I also miss the food.

Boston is a lovely city. It is like New Orleans, steeped in culture. Unlike New Orleans, it is prosperous. It is also a city that takes education seriously. I could with not much struggle live here for a very long time and be content. My mother on the other hand at 92, is having a seriously hard time adjusting to the change. Her dementia has escalated and she threatens to run away several times a day. She has run off once before. That means that she has to be in an environment where she has constant care.

In Boston, there are exceptionally good senior services that have allowed us to develop a strategy for Ma to stay out of a nursing home, allow me to work, and provide a home for my nephew. That means we will probably put roots down here while we wait to see what will happen in New Orleans. Stay tuned!

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