Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tavis Smiley: Obama Is The First President Who Hasn't Invited Me To White House

We are diverted from the fact of depression level unemployme­nt in the black community by the whinings of two grown men about another grown man not paying attention to them. I did not vote for these guys to represent me. I did vote for President Obama. The only point that Tavis and Dr. West have in my opinion is that the President has been very dismissive of the black community and the liberal media. I do not know who the President is listening to but they are giving him some terrible advice. Our community is in grave economic pain we are in regression­. There is no jobs program and a crazy unwillingn­ess to realize that the macro in macroecono­mics is indeed government­. At this point it is government that can pull us from falling further into this economic abyss.
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