Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Tom Donilon Resigning: Obama National Security Adviser To Be Replaced By Susan Rice

Why has the AP hired such a bunch of political hacks as "reporters"? Regurgitating Republican talkinbg points in an article supposedly about the nomination of Susan Rice to head the NSA. She was drummed out of the running for the position of Secretary of State because she is a woman and the Republican Senators like McCain et al wanted to see Senator Kerry become Secretary of State. McCain went as so far to pronounce Ms. Rice as "not very bright.t" This from a guy who graduated far from the top of his class whereas Ms. Rice was a Rhodes Scholar and graduated with honors from Standford University. She has been a fine representative for the United States at the United Nations and I think she would do as well or even better at the NSA. Too bad the AP has decided to paint her as a "faulty" explainer on a Sunday talk show as bearing more merit than how she has conducted herself as UN Ambassador.
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