Thursday, September 12, 2013

Syria and My President the War Mongeror or Don't Start Nothing Won't Be Nothing!

All of a sudden Syria is joining the Chemical Convention and agreeing to open their storage sites to inspection. My President's threats are real and he has proven that he doesn't mind bombing so while our lazy shiftless media and many politicians might be snickering I'd call this a win for my President. I know that I was in the minority on bombing Syria but there is a line that was set in 1925 after WWI that gassing people is a war crime.

If you believe that it was because of Putin's intervention then I've got several slightly used bridges to sell you. Mr. Obama has been willing to use those drones. Pakistan is curiously quiet these days. The cost of war is death. I would so much prefer it is the death of our enemies that we anguish rather than our own soldiers. There is no need to send troops when we can locate and bomb every where we think there are chemical weapons. Assad has no shame and has been very harsh and ruthless with his own people. Until he realized that My President was seriously going to handle him like he did Pakistan.

I would like most people would rather live peacefully without war and/or violence. However as those people who have had to face bullies know nothing stops a bully like a good beat down. Assad refused reasoning until he saw that beat down coming. My President ain't scare of a fight but he would rather have peace and no one having to face chemical weapons used against them.

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