Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ma Broke Her Hip

On Friday morning around 2 a.m. Ma snuck out of the house and got as far as the green mailbox across the street before she fell and broke her hip. My next door neighbor knew where she lived so she rang the doorbell. A woman I had never seen before scooped Ma up and brought her into the house. I realized how much damage she had done to herself and called the EMS. As usual they loved her and promised to take good care of her. I had to stay behind because under Massachusetts Law Joel was too young to stay home alone. So I packed him up and off we went to my sister's house. I woke her and sent Joel in while telling her about Ma. She said that she would relieve me at the hospital after she got dressed. I drove off wondering how bad her hip was this time.

I loathe hospitals. I am nervous and agitated whenever I am in one. Sick people scare me and I am a terrible nurse. So, I arrived at the hospital only to find out that she just got there and they were assessing her. That meant I had to sit out among the sick and the angry. My sister arrived and thankfully, I was able to go home. I had just started work and would not be able to take the day off.

Ma had to have surgery. This is the first time she had ever had to have surgery in her life. We were very concerned about the anesthesia. Ma has an extremely low tolerance for drugs. The strongest thing she can have is maybe Tylenol extra strength and that can make her sleepy. We were concerned that the anesthesia would kill her. Surgery went well now it is time for her to heal. One of the nurses had an old cantankerous mother at his home and was very supportive. Ma hits everybody. The sad and funny thing is that there is nothing we can do about it. Her fighting to me though means that she is going to be alright. It's that Narcisse blood. That stuff should be bottled.

Two hellish months later:

It helps that she is a Narcisse. They live a long time and "can take a lickin' and keep on tickin'".
She is now home being Ma. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes!

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