Sunday, September 21, 2008

An Open Letter to the People of Alaska

Dear Wonderful People of one of our most beautiful states in America,

As a part of our nation I just wanted you to know that I am indeed thankful to have you as a part of our union and think that being our largest state land wise is a really cool thing. I have visited your state and have seen for myself how precious and rich it is in natural resources. The people were warm and gracious to me and my traveling companion. It was a trip of a lifetime to be able to see all of the things I had read about in books before my very eyes.

I appreciate the oil and gas you provide although I would prefer to leave Alaska pristine rather than exploit all of your natural resources. I shall always remember the awful look of clear-cutting some of your beautiful and densely packed forests. I remember how the logs bobbed in the water not far from the ship I was traveling like common trash. The places where the trees were removed looked sparse and ugly. I have no qualms using natural products but feel strongly that we must replace what we use.

I would like to see you harness the arctic winds to help produce energy and to be the ones who perfect solar energy since you unlike the other 49 other states have a period of no nightfall each year in which you could experiment with the best solar collectors and distributors for consumer energy needs. The rest of the states could learn a lot from you.

In turn I ask that you keep one export at home for yourselves...your governor. I think that her brand of populism (I hail from a state that grew one of history's most flamboyant populist... Huey Long) is divisive. It seems that you are able to handle that. The rest of the 48 have enough trouble without adding such angry, condescension, and animosity to their already stressed lives. Now that the middle class will have to bear the burden of Wall Street's excess it is important that we lower the rising stress level by removing the possibility that we will have a right wing Bush knock off administration going even further into abyss that G.W. Bush's administration did and look how that turned out.

And so, this open letter to you is a plea to keep the one thing unenviable that you have...your governor in Alaska with you. Please.


A Fellow American

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