Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Rod Blagojevich Arrested: The Damage He Could Do

What the point of this article? Democrats are responsible for Rod Blagojevich? Or is Obama? Or is it just that the governor is responsible for his actions alone? As a Louisianan I can say the IL politicos are second leaguers compared to us in graft, greed, and corruption. Even Louisianans are getting tired of constantly being embarrassed by the people we have elected to office only to have them get themselves tossed into Club Fed. It's Y'all's turn now. My advice: find another Democrat, one with integrity (don't laugh politician and integrity are not an oxymoron) and let that person lead the way out. You do not want to switch to a Republican because there really is no change there simply better finessed graft.
About Rod Blagojevich
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