Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!
2009 Hope for a Brighter Future for Us All

It is after 5:00 p.m. here in snowy Boston. I am home with Ma and Joel and we are planning to get some early Zzzz in as a celebration of the coming year. I have no plans to cook anything special nor do I intend to go to any parties or even public prayer service. A meaningful end to this year is a private prayer of thanksgiving to God that He is bringing to an end a very, very stressful year.

The great thing is that for 2009 I have high hopes. My hopes are rising each day. The are not placed on our brilliant new President but on the resiliency of the American people and most importantly on my faith and trust in God. I have been delivered from some very scary things, forced homelessness (hurricane Katrina) , sparse resources, no job, no job again, explosive rent, and family illness. Yet, from each thing I have been delivered. I now have a home, a second new job, the family health is improved, more resources, and the blessing of caring friends and strangers. God has been faithful to me even when I have wavered. For Him I am grateful always.

To the people who read my musings I say thank you. To my friends and family who agree and disagree with what I have written at times or in some cases all of the time thank you. God has bestowed his grace and mercy on us all. May God continue to bless us. 2009 is our year to shine!

Happy New Year!

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