Monday, May 05, 2008

Black Talk Radio

When I lived in South Florida my job called for me to travel to as many as five different libraries sometimes in a day. For four years I used public transportation which means it was a very difficult thing to do since mass transit in South Florida is a half hearted experiment that is not intended to work. I spent my time on the buses reading and thinking about all of the things I needed to do. When I purchased a car I found the morning drive show hilarious and a good way not to be another road rage driver.

What I like most about radio are the commercials. I find that the advertising companies go a little far in creating radio commercials. Most commercials are very funny or at least fast to listen to while rolling along the road. Talk radio is to me like one long commercial. Some of the folks that call are crazy, some have ill defined anger issues, and some are articulate and cerebral. The fun part is that they are all on every single one of black talk radio shows.

I start my morning out with Tom Joyner in the Morning. I like laughter in the morning and I am guaranteed at least three good laughs before I arrive at my destination. Sometimes I need to pull the car over because they are so crazy. My favorites are Sheryl Underwood, Huggy Low Down, Tavis Smiley, Reverend Al Sharpton, and celebrity guests like D.L. Hughley and the crazy 2 Live Stews. As much as I like the jokes and smart remarks I appreciate the information that is being dissimulated by the show for the aid of black folks. Medical, voter, historical, and community information is broadcast to listeners keeping us informed as well as entertained. Because of the TJMS show I knew about the sister study for black sisters. I enrolled to participate because my sister Lorraine died from breast cancer. If the study can help provide better medicine for black women I am happy to be aboard. Listening to the show meant that when asked to enroll I said yes and did it!

TJMS is not the only show I listen to any more. I now am a semi regular listener of the Warren Ballentine Show as well as my favorite...Reverend Al Sharpton's show which is both informative and funny. If I was a victim of blatant injustice I would contact Rev. AL because he really is about righting injustice. In his practical way he follows the Kingian tradition of continued pressure and agitation. Also, only Rev. Al could make getting arrested an honored experience.

Black talk radio keeps you clued into news from the black perspective, provides that laugh (sometimes unintentionally) and is one of the few outlets for black people to voice their opinions about current events. It's like a black town hall meeting every day! Dial them up sometimes.

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