Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Reason to Keep On Keepin' On

I love mass transit. Folks here in Boston tend to think that is weird. What I love about mass transit is the fact that I can get the community news, while not being agitated during the ride (as I am when I drive), ask for directions so I do not get lost, and my nephew who is four loves it too. On a day that we had a series of errands to get done. We took six buses and two trains. He loved it! Andy is autistic and does not talk so his joy is demonstrated by his facial expressions and through the tensing and relaxation of his body.

He sat by the window and was enthralled with the changing scenes of the different neighborhoods we traveled through. Finally, on our way home we had a chance to board the Silver Line which is a bus/electric train depending on where it has to travel. It rides so smoothly that Andy slipped into a deep sleep within seconds. I gently awaken him when we got to our stop. He looked so surprised to be asleep.

Now that gas is so expensive I look forward to taking the T more because at this point we can ride in the car or we can eat.

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