Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Feinstein: Seat Burris In Senate

Sen. Feinstein, an attorney should be acquainted with the law. First, the Governor of IL has not been indicted. He has not be convicted. In THIS country you are innocent until proven guilty. He is STILL governor and so has all powers of that office which includes but is not limited to appointing people of his choice to open Federal seats.

Next, no Secretary of State can withhold his/her signature certifying state documents approved by the governor that would be a step towards anarchy.

Finally, Sen. Burris will be seated because it is a legal appointment how and when he will be seated is a choice the Democratic members will have to make and go back to their communities and explain to voters why when a man held in high esteem with a clean political record has his rightfully appointed seat withheld.

The governor of IL has a nasty mouth and it seems a larcenous soul and maybe a trickster's heart but the choice he made has slowly but steadily raised the suspicions of black folks across the country about why Burris cannot be seated. That is what the Democratic Senators who have tough battles ahead would not want to wrangle with during this political season. Seat the guy and get on with the People's business.
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