Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I cannot condone violence against women for any reason. In her article, Ms. Greene though is way over the top in suggesting that there is/was no concern about Rhianna's beating at the hands of her boyfriend Chris Brown by black folks. Much as it pains me to learn of any woman being beaten I have to hope that the justice system will address the wrong done to her. We do need to be concerned that his celebrity status and money may make his penance a lot lighter than a regular Joe is the same position.

It enrages my soul that Ms. Greene would equate the two events, Brown's beating of Rhianna and the New York Post's publishing an editorial cartoon that is NOT being misinterpreted by any thinking person as an invitation to kill our President. Ms. Greene must know that it takes very little to set our home grown nuts and terrorists off. So yes, assassinating a duly elected President is more important than a domestic violence case where the victim is alive and able to address her abuser on several levels.

Is this fair? No. Life is not fair. It is not fair that the health and safety of our President is more important than a case of domestic abuse between two black celebrities who can afford counseling and to live apart.
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