Monday, February 23, 2009

Gibbs V. Santelli: He Should Read President's Plan (VIDEO)

How silly is this going to get? We have had Joe the Plumber get months of fame basically saying nothing worthwhile. You get a commodity trader having a hissy fit on tee-vee because folks who are caught in the cross hairs of the lousy bankers' meltdown need help to stay in their homes. I don't know about that Rick guy but every neighbor that loses their home makes my neighborhood less desirable and soon dangerous. You need not mention the fact once reasonably priced homes are left to rot because the homeowners lost their jobs and could no longer afford the mortgage through no fault of their own.

Rick is just a J*ck*ss! These guys have no conscience so they never see the lack of logic and humanity in their drivel.

Let him and folks like him rant. Turn the channel or read a book.
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