Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Loyal Opposition

I find it interesting that several Republican pundits write scathing columns about Democrats are rather thin skinned when called out. Why be in the word-war business if you cannot take a hit or several?

Yes, we need opposition but we need principled opposition that put America before party. There used to be names of Republican Congressmen I knew to have a deeper love for this country than even themselves. I cannot name one today in this Congress.

Newt Gingrich shut down the government because his feelings wee hurt. How principled is that?

You have Republican governors who are saying that they will refuse money to help the tens of thousands unemployed workers because they don't want people getting used to more. Do they understand that there are people's lives involved here? Have they no empathy? How principled is that?

It galls me that the impetus is to do less, be less, and watch the weak struggle. Where's the principle in that?

Republicans certainly don't believe in anything beyond lip service concerning workers and the middle class. They project a loathing and blatant disregard for the weak and the poor. Where is the principle in that.?

We are all Americans and we need both parties to provide their best service. The Loyal Opposition needs to show some us the American people because there's good principle in that.
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