Friday, June 27, 2008

Fun as a Cure for Being Overwhelmed

I have the responsibility for the care and feeding of my 94 and a half year old mother and my 12 and a half year old nephew. I am sometimes overwhelmed because they both are crotchety, ungrateful, complainers. I dearly love them but whiners they are just the same. My test comes with cooking. Neither eats a wide variety of things. Ma is much better than Joel but it comes to the same thing all they want is... Junk Food! And junk food is a very bad thing for me. Look, I don't need one more ounce on this already overloaded frame.

So, every day I struggle to think of something that we all like to eat. I eat hamburgers but never had an abiding love of them...Joel is a hamburger nut. Ma, eats like an atrocity survivor...barely anything. Whereas I love all kinds of foods especially seafood. I am also very allergic to shellfish so that limits my seafood by quite a bit. Still, I manage to feed them something. It wears on my frame and my mind.

I spend most of my time with them. They do not like anything that I do. We live in a city with many interesting things...museums, historical sights, a decent theater life, cultural festivals and of course an active church. I find that my social life is bland limited to occasional church attendance because when Ma does not want to go Joel and I have learned that making her does not work. So it is wonderful that my best friends from New Orleans are coming to my new town to see me. My spirits are lifted high because I know that we will laugh, encourage each other, commiserate about our lives, and enjoy the things that we all like. Here's to starting my new life and soon my new job with the encouragement and blessings of my friends.

So Dawn and Kim here's a God Bless you and a heartfelt thank you even before you arrive.

Much love for you!


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