Friday, June 06, 2008

Virginia Singleton Britton- Graduate 2008

On May 29, at 7:00 p.m. after several years of diligent work, Mrs. Virginia Singleton Britton graduated at the Bonnabel High School in Kenner, LA.

Mrs. Britton came to The Learning Center to get her GED. She never quit. She is a fighter which comes in handy when you as an adult have so many "issues" that erupt and threaten to throw you off of your game or just stop you cold. Virginia came to The Center needing work in everything. Unlike many students who feel overwhelmed and quit Virginia stuck to it. She kept going after it repeatedly taking the GED examination coming close but not quite making the grade. She pressed on. She enrolled at Delgado Community College in New Orleans without her GED and took challenging college courses and passed them too while studying for the GED. She kept taking the GED until finally she passed it!

When Hurricane Katrina destroyed The Center and disbursed the staff she landed in Baton Rouge where she continued to take courses at Southern University that would take her closer to reaching her goal of becoming a pharmacist. Later, missing New Orleans and wanting to be closer to her family she returned to New Orleans and battled to get decent affordable housing. She succeeded at that too.

Upon returning to New Orleans she enrolled at Southern University at New Orleans passing very difficult science and mathematics courses. After completing her work there she will return to Delgado Community College this summer to get her Associate degree in Pharmacy Technology in May of 2009. She expects to graduate from Delgado Community College so that she can immediately enroll at Xavier University in New Orleans' School of Pharmacy in the Fall of 2009.

All of us who understand the odds that she overcame and the personal struggles she persevered through to accomplish this critical step toward reaching her goal of becoming a pharmacist congratulate her and cheer her on to further success.

Virginia you do The Learning Center proud. Congratulations, it is well deserved.


Eddie said...

This is a great piece! As a New Orleanian I really enjoy reading inspirational pieces like this.

One small point of clarity. Bonnabel High School is in Kenner, which is a municipality in the western suburbs of N.O. Algiers is a part of N.O. proper.

Long since you've been back home huh? LOL

Please keep up the great work!

imatalkaboutit2u said...

Thank you I have made the change.