Sunday, June 08, 2008

When I Am Old I Shall Wear Red

My favorite color is red. I feel happy, carefree, and even alluring when red covers my body. As I steadily grow larger the less red clothes I find to adorn my body. I miss that hot red dress. I even walk differently when I wear red. My hips swing and my head tosses and a smile is plastered on my face. My world at that point is hot, fun, and filled with secret thrills. I mean I love red so much my attitude pours confidence all over everything I am doing at the moment. Hmm, red really is powerful. So why when folks get older they don't wear it as much? I mean a few sisters flash their red suits on Sunday during the rest of the week they wear those indigo, green, white and black colors. Why not have a hot red week? Wear red every day to just bowl folks over with the you of you!

Some folks say purple and royal blue are the colors of royalty but give me the loudest red you've got and no queen can out shine or out rank me. You can never wear too much red. They say I look like a flame? Well, isn't that the point?

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