Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dems To Leadership: Cut GOP Loose

"For now, said Durbin, Democrats haven't yet pulled out Republican provisions or asked the GOP to leave the table."

"We haven't reached that point," he said. "In fact, Republican senators I've spoken to today said, 'Don't give up on us. We still want to work with you.'"

Frankly Senator, why would you believe them? Why should anyone believe that the Republican Party means the American People well? They serve only the rich for the rich at the expense of the rest of us. Take the tax cuts out. Increase the money for infrastructure, states (with the stipulation that they spend exactly as written) and education. The point and whole purpose to me is to increase the number of jobs so that those workers like all of us presently hanging on to our jobs can pay TAXES. Taxes will reduce our debt.

Nationalize the banks now. When we privatize them we use our profits to reduce our debt.

We need money to pay for the incompetent bankers and apparently the Republicans who still have not "gotten it" yet that things are different and the masses are very, very angry. We could do quite well with out you.
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