Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's Show Time for Obama

President Obama needs to ram that stimulus bill through with the required number of votes it takes to pass it. It's nice to liked but frankly he wasn't elected to be a nice guy he was elected to lead us out of this mess and if the Republicans (and the Blue Dog Democrats) refuse to move along with him the n he needs to run over them. We need to act fast. I agree with Mr. Kutter's exact proposal of what the stimulus should be comprised of (he had the estimated costs for each area) and Congress should PASS IT!

I'm sick of this hemming and hawing as we steadily lose jobs, economic security, and our peace of mind.

Face it REPUBLICANS (and the almost useless Blue Dog Democrats) we cannot tax cut our way out of this mess y'all made. Grow up and do your jobs.
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