Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama's Election: "This Thing Is Ordained"

I can understand the hesitation at the word ordained. Yet, I understand exactly what Representative Meeks' mother meant...prayers long forgotten by a people without hope sent up for deliverance from bondage, segregation, lynching, acquisition of civil rights (remember the I AM A MAN posters?), and acquisition of political power are being realized. The prayers sent up long ago are being realized and that is ordained by God.

We cannot rest with an Obama we have a much longer road to travel to realize the ultimate ascendancy to be "judged [at all] times by the content of our characters," the work we produce, the communities we build, and the legacy of good citizenship we leave with and to our children. That is the end of the answers of long ago said prayers by the ancestors who believed even though they knew that they would not see the realization for themselves. Those prayers are ordained by God.
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