Saturday, April 16, 2011

David Cay Johnston Hits the Nail on the Head!

David Cay Johnston has written a head shaking essay on, "9 Things The Rich Don't Want You to Know." I am enclosing the link in this post. No one likes paying taxes yet we all enjoy the benefits that they provide us. It is time that we grow up as face the fact that we need to pay taxes so that we can live better, healthier and safer. The services we enjoy do not come free. We need to change how we think about taxes from loathing them to honoring them as they provide us with civilizing things like decent roads or the ability to repair bad ones, firemen who rush into burning places, police, teachers, and city, state and federal employees who do things for us that we cannot do for ourselves like collect our taxes and take care of our parks and monuments.

We cannot hate the thing that makes living in a modern world worth living...Taxes! We all need to pay up.

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