Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Obama and the Budget Civil War

Tunisia fell because of rising food costs. The USA may experience the same due to rising food, gas, and health costs borne heavily by the poor and working poor. To quote the amazing Fannie Lou Hamer, "Is this America?" Either we give health care to all or we allow this country to have third world level poverty along with first world discontent­. Either we reign in the avarice bankers or we a middle class uprising after they finally learn that the bankers are the ones spiking the commoditie­s markets. Either we take care of our poor and elderly because we still are the richest country in the world and we help the weak and less fortunate or we allow them to starve, fester and die because we have become a selfish, heartless country worshiping money as our god holding onto it as if we can take it to our graves. The President must stand up for the most of us because we do matter and we are under attack as never before from the Republican Party which is littered with hypocritic­al teabaggers out to secure the interests of people who do not see them as their equal.
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