Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Donald Trump Should Receive The Same Scrutiny He Sought For Barack Obama

To my brother Baratunde Thurston I join you in the disgust and shame of this day's event. It is a shame and decent people ought to point it out and name it for exactly what it is...racis­m. No President should be subjected to merciless, relentless call for something that has already been given. The hoards who challenge him not on policy but because they simply cannot accept that a black man is President. He has already been tested with the long drawn out election process. Surely the Press that loves a lurid tale especially one that would be embarrassi­ng would have during that time sniffed out a fake US citizen. While I do not hold the Press in any esteem I would think even THEY would be competent to have exposed this to the world. Now, we have a sitting President challenged as to whether he an American citizen who is black is really a citizen. How sick and shameful is this? My heart is broken but I am also ENRAGED!
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